Sellotape Sticky Dots

Q. Does Sticky Dots stick onto metal fridges?
A. Yes, the dots will stick to the surface unless the area has had polish or finish on it

Q. What is the difference between Permanent and Removable Sticky Dots?
A. Permanent dots contain a stronger adhesive to the Removable dots. Permanent dots are best to use when a stronger fix is required such as scrapbooking etc whereas Removable dots are best to use when a temporary fix is required such as posters.

Q. Does temperature affect the ‘stickiness’ of the dots as my poster kept falling off the bedroom wall that was in a cold room?
A. Yes the cooler it is the less tacky the adhesive and the effect works in reverse ie the warmer it is the tackier the adhesive dot. When storing the dots and putting on walls you need to be mindful to leave the dots in the same area for an hour or so to adjust to current bedroom temperature if the temperature varies significantly.

Q. For what and how do I use Sticky Dots?
A. Please visit our hints and tips site to learn more

Sellotape Gripping Stuff

Q. How long does the adhesive last on the felt?
A. It all depends on useage. Most people do not re-position the notice boards, so that is not really the issue. It is whether the front is used daily, pulling items on & off will wear the adhesive out faster. The other thing that will reduce its life is if the board is put up and not covered in documents and left bare. In which case, after a short period of exposure, dust will stick to the front, depending on how dusty the atmosphere is. Boards if used on weekly basis can last up to many years especially if not re-positioned.

Q. What is the max. weight Gripping Stuff can hold?
A. The weight it will hold is difficult to calculate. We estimate a figure of 1kg/sq mtr, but this does depend on the material being applied, since inevitably some materials will adhere better than others. We say that the principle use is to hold paper.

Q. Does Gripping Stuff stick to brick and chalkboards?
A. It will not stick to brick very well and you will note on the packaging that we do say that adhesion is reduced if the "surface is uneven, greasy or dusty". It will stick to a chalk board, if it is not too uneven.

Q.Are whiteboard markers the ideal pen to use on the Dry Erase product (once the free pen is used up)?
A. Any whiteboard pen will do (we recommend the Pilot wyteboard markers). 

Q. If we want to cut the felt to size is this possible?
A. Yes all the products can be cut to your ideal size easily by using scissors (we recommend the Westcott scissor brand).