'Exploding' Photo box by Sellotape

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Create a funky 'exploding' photo box for your family with a little imagination and a helping hand from Sellotape. Whether you’re creating a dimensional project or a scrapbooking layout, the versatile range of Sellotape adhesives are perfect for papercraft works of art.

Download this project as a PDF.

What you need:

Take three sheets of cardstock and cut the following measurements from each one;
First sheet trim to 23cm x 23cm, second sheet trim to 22cm x 22cm and third sheet to 21cm x 21cm.

Score each trimmed sheet of cardstock to the following measurements on all four sides:
23cm x 23cm sheet, score 7.5cm in from each side, 22cm x 22cm sheet, score 7.3cm in from each side and the 21cm x 21cm sheet, score 7cm from each side. Now that your three cardstock sheets are all measured and scored, cut off the four corners on all trimmed sheets.

Apply Sellotape Double Sided Tape to the bottom of the middle square of the smallest sheet and adhere this to the middle square of the middle-sized sheets. Repeat this step, sticking the middle-sized sheet to the largest size sheet so that all trimmed sheets are now attached by the middle square. Fold up the edges of scored lines on all three trimmed sheets.

For the lid of the box, take your fourth sheet of cardstock and cut it to 16cm x 16cm.

Score the trimmed cardstock 4cm in from each of the edges. Turn the cardstock over and score diagonally from the tip of each corner to the tip of your scored corner lines.

Fold all scored lines, pinch the corners and fold them inwards. Adhere Sellotape Double Sided Tape to the folded corners to keep them in place. Put your lid to one side while you embellish the box.

From your patterned paper, cut one 7.5cm x 7.5cm square for the top of the lid and one 6.5cm x 6.5cm square for the inside mid section of your box.

To decorate the largest sheets of cardstock, cut sheets of paper 7cm x 7cm, for the middle-sized sheets cut your paper 6.7cm x 6.7cm and cut sheets 6.5cm x 6.5cm for smaller ones.

Attach the patterned paper squares to your box using Sellotape Double Sided Tape.

Print and trim your chosen photos to the required measurements to fit inside the box and attach them using Sellotape Photo Dots. Embellish your box to suit.

Trim a 36cm length of ribbon and adhere it around the lid of the box with Sellotape Double Sided Tape. Cut a design from your patterned paper and affix to the lid of your box using Sellotape Foam Pads for a raised effect. Add a chipboard word to your lid using Sellotape Sticky Discs.