A treat jar and photo frame for your pet by Sellotape

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Want to celebrate the arrival of a new four-legged friend or create a cute but inexpensive gift for a friend with a new puppy (or with a bit of adaptation - a new baby)?

Well, with the help of Sellotape Sticky Dots and Sellotape Double Sided Tape, a store bought photo frame and some themed embellishments you can put together this gift in minutes.
- project created by Donna Macpherson

Download this project as a PDF.

What You Need

Decorating the Jar
Cut and layer cardstock to make a label for your jar and add lettering.  Apply Double Sided Tape to the back and attach label to the jar.

Use Sticky Dots to fasten the metal embellishments.

Paint the lid in matching paint and add a circle of coloured paper to the centre of the lid.  A crystal-look door knob finishes it off nicely.  Fasten it by drilling a small hole in the centre of the lid.

Permanent Sticky Dots are the perfect quick way to adhere tricky metal embellishments to a project.

Covering the Frame
Cut a piece of coloured paper a little larger than a quarter of the frame. Adhere Double Sided Tape to the back of the paper. Peel off the backing paper from the tape and adhere to the frame.

Use sandpaper or a file to sand away excess paper. Repeat with more pieces of paper till frame is covered.

Apply a Permanent Sticky Dot to the back of your metal embellishments and position them on the frame. Add ribbon, lettering and a quote.

It’s that easy.