General Hints & Tips for using Sellotape Sticky Dots

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Welcome to the General section of our Hints & Tips section.

Below we have listed some general tips for using Sellotape Sticky Dots around the house or in Craft projects.

If you have any ideas of your own that you wish to share with the rest of us here on the Sellotape website, please contact us.


Around the House 

  • Display kids artwork on the fridge, doors and cupboards using Sellotape Removable Sticky Dots.
  • Use Sellotape Permanent Sticky Dots for sticking cut-outs and photos in school projects.
  • Stick phone messages around the home office with Sellotape Removable Sticky Dots.
  • Use Sellotape Removable Sticky Dots for reminder notes on calendars.
  • Use Sellotape Sticky Discs for sealing kids lunches.
  • Use Sellotape Sticky Dots in kids’ party games like pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel.
  • Tear out recipes from magazines; stick them on your cupboard when cooking and then into a notebook using Sellotape Removable Sticky Dots when finished.
  • Use Sellotape Photo Dots to make up photo collages on pin boards instead of damaging photos with pins.
  • Make up family chore rosters and rewards stickers with Sellotape Sticky Dots.
  • Use Sellotape Sticky Transfer Dots to make your  own stickers.

Top Tips for Craft

  • Use Sellotape Photo Dots for acid-free and easy scrapbooking and photo collages.
  • Try Sellotape Mini Dots to stick down small, fiddly objects like beads and sequins.
  • Use Sellotape Permanent Dots to make all your wedding or party stationery, bombonierie, place cards and thank you notes with a clean finish.
  • Layer papers in tole work with Sellotape Sticky Dots and Sellotape Mini Sticky Dots.
  • For a personalised touch to presents, decorate gift boxes using Sellotape Sticky Dots.
  • Use Sellotape Removable Sticky Dots for temporarily holding stencils in place.
  • Sellotape Sticky Discs are handy for fetes. Use them for sealing bags of homemade sweets and labelling homemade foods.
  • Sellotape Sticky Dots are great for kids’ crafts – no messy glues to clean up!
  • Use for craft classes or quick crafts as there is no time wasted waiting for glues to dry.
  • Arrange decoupage and collage papers before you stick them down permanently using Sellotape Removable Sticky Dots.